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Tourism Destination in Terengganu, Malaysia July 25, 2009

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msiamapSince January 15, 2009, I live in Terengganu, Malaysia. I work here as a lecturer with some other Indonesian in a private college in Terengganu.

For your infomation, Terengganu is situated in north-eastern Peninsular Malaysia, and is bordered in the northwest by Kelantan, the southwest by Pahang, and the east by the Laut China Selatan. Several outlying islands, including Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Kapas and Pulau Redang, are also a part of the state. The state has a total area of 12,955 km².

Terengganu has a population of 1,055,943 (2005 census), of which Malays make up 94.8% of the population and Chinese, 2.6%, while Indians 0.2% and other ethnic groups comprise the remainder, 2.4%. In the year 2000, the state’s population was only 48.7% urban; the majority lived in rural areas. By the 2005 census, the proportions had changed significantly, with 51% of the population living in urban areas and 49% in the rural areas. Terengganu is divided into seven administrative districts (called Daerah in Malay), of which the respective names, area, population, district seats and density are shown  below:

peta terengganu

District in Terengganu are:

1. Kuala Terengganu – 60,654.3 hektar
2. Kemaman – 253,559.9 hektar
3. Dungun – 273,503.1 hektar
4. Marang – 66,654.3 hektar
5. Hulu Terengganu – 387,462.6 hektar
6. Setiu – 130,436.3 hektar
7. Besut – 123,367.8  hektar

Base on geographic data, tourism destination on Terengganu, Malaysia are:

1. Jeti di Merang
2. Penyu Belimbing di Rantau Abang, Dungun
3. Memorial Batu Bersurat di Kuala Berang, Hulu Terengganu
4. Mesjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah [Mesjid Terapung] di Kuala Terengganu
5. Primula Park Royal sebuah resort di Kuala Terengganu
6. Marang resort dan safaris
7. Sutra Beach resort di Setiu
8. Merang Inn Village Resort di Setiu
9. Pintu Gerbang Istana Maziah di Kuala Terengganu
10. Istana Maziah tempat adat istiadat diraja Terengganu [pengurniaan bintang dan pingat]
11. Tasik Kenyir Golf Resort di Hulu Terengganu
12. Bukit Puteri di Kuala Terengganu
13. Pulau Tenggol di Dungun
14. Pulau Perhentian di Besut
15. Pulau Kapas di Marang
16. Pulau Bidung dulu tempat pelarian Vietnam
17. Pulau Redang di Kuala Terengganu
18. Aryani Resort di Merang ciri seni tradisional Terengganu
19. Perhentian Island Resort di Pulau Perhentian Besut
20. Kapas Island Resort di Pulau Kapas Marang
21. Berjaya Redang Beach Resort di Pulau Redang Kuala Terengganu
22. Tanjung Jara Beach Resort di Dungun
23. Tok Jembal Kuala Terengganu Golf Resort
24. LA Hot Springs di Kampung La Besut
25. Air Terjun di Hutan Pelipur Sekayu Hulu Terengganu
26. Pasar Besar Kedai Payang di Kuala Terengganu
27. Tasik Kenyir
28. Keropok Lekor makanan popular di Terengganu
29. Kraf Tembaga, Sutera, Songket buah tangan Terengganu
30. Restoran Terapung di tengah bandar Terengganu
31. Tarian Gamelan, tarian tradisional Terengganu
32. Pulau Duyung tempat pembuatan perahu tradisional di Kuala Terengganu
33. Mercu Tepak Sirih di Kampung Tepoh tanda daerah Kuala Terengganu
34. Hentian Bas Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Terengganu
35. Mercu ‘Tanjak’ tanda daerah Kemaman
36. Mercu ‘Rebana Ubi’ tanda daerah Besut
37. Mercu ‘Tudung Saji’ tanda daerah Dungun
38. Mercu ‘Ikan Kelah’ tanda daerah Hulu Terengganu
39. Mercu ‘Udang dan Sotong’ tanda daerah Marang
40. Mercu ‘Buah-buahan’ tanda daerah Setiu
41. Pelabuhan Kemaman




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